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Unknown by Wesley Dean


Unknown Album


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This record is for anyone who relentlessly follows a dream, even when it feels like the impossible and you just want to give up. It was only 3 years ago, I was about to walk away from music, but obviously there was another plan for me. I sat in a room for ten days straight on my own, and said to my wife, If I don’t write anything in these ten days, I give up.. I wrote 20 songs in those ten days and that sparked our journey and relocation to America, at the peak of Covid!

 If you would have told me that I’d be living in Nashville and writing and recording a record and touring America, I would’ve just laughed..

Unknown runs chronologically and encapsulates the madness and braveness of my family relocating in the middle of the a pandemic when so much was unknown.

So here’s to the unknowns, the dreamers, the fighters, the lovers, and even the haters..