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NEW YORK! Can’t wait to play solo acoustic for you at the legendary @rockwoodmusichall see you there my friends! 🤘please tag your mates New York! 🔥stage 3 at 8:30pm #newyork #rockwoodmusichall #wesleydean
Where are my people of NYC! ♥️🖤 can’t wait to play @rockwoodmusichall on the 11th of March on stage at 8:30. Come down & let’s hang! #nyc  #nycmusic #music #live #acoustic #wesleydean
Half of a new tune - Just a series of observations in a song.. if the future of songwriting is AI generated algorithms well I’m gonna be out of rhythm  and write for us humans... what do you think? 🔥BURN THIS HOUSE 🔥

This one goes out to the clinically insane
 to the dreamers and lovers that are runnin from pain 
 the deniers and survivors and the
the hero’s without  capes 
To a whole generation screaming for change 

for the believers do gooders and the not so holy 
for the brave that speak out against the majority 
 for the women and men who are sent to war 
for the ones who die alone and never get born 

change is gonna come 
They’ll be flames on everyone 
and you’re  gonna get your turn 
to stand in line and watch it all burn 
only god can save us now
So let’s burn this house down

And to the ones who  stayed awake And ended up woke 
To all good intention lost in mirrors and smoke 
to the ones you got the honest job and are paving the way 
for a billionaires future where your children are the slaves
I grew up fantasising about jamming in an American garage .. first rehearsal of 2023! Playing @electricjane in Feb - Can’t wait!
Flowers by @mileycyrus great tune! Love it 🙏🤘🔥 #flowersbymiley would be a dream to tour with someone like Miley, she’s the real deal, true artistry at its finest! 🖤
First verse and chorus of a New song ‘LETS RUN’ or ‘Charlie get the gun’ what do you think I should call this one?  Still working on it - Wrote this one after feeling isolated in the haunted house we lived in for almost 2 years since being in Nashville. So glad we’re out of there. But grateful for the experience too .. 😬 There’s been so many great times since arriving in Nashville and amazing people we have met and connected with and so many very uncertain and anxious times = balance I guess 🫠 the good always outweighs the bad - I think moving countries in the middle of a pandemic with a young family added to some of the pressure but also not finding our place, it took a minute to settle in plus I was represented by the wrong people and it was the first ever time in my life that I doubted myself and my music but I realised it was the toxic situation I had found myself in and that I needed to start listening to myself again which had been lost cause I convinced myself that everyone else knew best, never again I promise.. I write my music for the people of my age and anyone who resonates with it plus I write for me I don’t pretend to be anything else.. 
i play a 12 string for this tune, it’s my first 12 string song & I wrote it on our good friends @maryscottthorne Dad’s 12 string they let me borrow it.. thanks guys 🙏. i shared a bit of the band version a few days ago.. I liked the REM comments.. thanks! 
I should probably get my own 12 string .. this tune is a jam live with the band and I can’t wait to do more of that this year. 🤘🔥
What do you think? should I call this one Tennessee Road or Runnin’ down a Big Sky? This song is about having to prove myself over and over again no matter who what when where. Challenging myself getting my ass kicked and getting back up. That’s everyone’s story don’t you think? I can hear a gospel element to this song. Can’t wait to record this for real. Here’s a raw taste... what do you think?
This is how it starts off when I write my music most of the time. I’m just improvising a bit of the structure , the words and melody have a sketched outline but it comes at once, making it up as I go without thinking too much,  and then after, I make sense of what it means.. not sure if this song will stand the test of time I’ll try it with the band .. what do you think? I had a challenging year last year - I guess I’m writing a letter to my family and loved ones in this song , happy to say I’m great now and so positive and the toxic negativity has gone from my life, thank God &  I’m thankful for the lessons 🤘🙏