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Just two Crazy Hearts planning some very big things for 2024.
Austin is the punk rock sister to Nashville in my opinion.

It’s a playground full of great food, creativity, and artists. I understand why people are leaving the other major cities and moving there.

It was love at first sight for all of us.
Last Thursday we filmed a very special performance for ‘Mercy’ a new song from my up and coming record ‘Crazy Hearts’ it’s such a honour to sing with this crew. ♥️🙏
The show in Houston was spectacular. An entire village turned up to see me play and noticed the travelling circus that we had become. The entire Crazy Hearts experience in Houston wouldn’t have happened if it wasn’t for some of our very best friends, Jimmy and Brittany. They worked tirelessly on booking the venue and promoting it. I’m so grateful for our friendship.

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Damned if you do, damned if you don’t…

#cover #zachbryan #somethingintheorange #guitarcover #harmonica
It’s amazing what strangers on the side of the road can do…
When looking back at our time in Houston this song seemed fitting. From flat tyres to broken down generators and no AC in the hottest summer on record, we needed a lot of help from our friends to keep going on the crazy hearts adventure.