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Hello, I Love You, Goodbye by Wesley Dean – Exclusive Live Performance

Singer-songwriter, Wesley Dean is dropping his new album, unknown this Friday (April 29). To celebrate its release, we have an exclusive performance of his latest single Hello, I Love You, Goodbye. The song follows Never Thought Of You, which hit the Countrytown Hot 50 Country Airplay Chart back in December.

Wesley Dean – ‘Unknown’ Review: The Australian singer-songwriter delivers his best work yet.

Wesley Dean has had quite the career so far. In 2008 he entered ‘Australian Idol’, under the name Wes Carr, and went on to win the series but shortly before appearing on the show he released his debut album ‘Simple Sun’. His ‘Australian Idol’ win catapulted him to fame and his 2009 album ‘The Way The World Looks’ produced the number one smash ‘You’. Two more albums followed – 2013’s ‘Roadtrip Confessions’ and 2018’s ‘Australiana’ – and in 2020 Dean decided to release music as Wesley Dean and underwent a transformation musically.

Nashville-Based Australian Wesley Dean Releases New Album ‘unknown’

Wesley Dean didn’t need to leave Australia. For more than a dozen years, he’d been one of the continent’s best-known artists, armed with a larger-than-life voice that catapulted songs like”You” to the top of the Australian charts. Even so, the Adelaide native found himself boarding an American-bound plane in early 2021, his wife and two sons at his side, the entire family heading toward their new home in Nashville.

The Big Takeover Premiere

unknown captures Dean’s decision to leave everything behind in his native Australia, where he achieved great fame and success, to travel all the way to Nashville to start an entirely new chapter of his musical career. The songs on unknown reflect that dream and artistic transformation, with all the triumphs and tribulations that accompany such a momentous life decision.


Artist: Wesley Dean Latest Album: unknown Hometown: I’m a drifter. Born in Adelaide. Lived in Sydney for 20 years and we left the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, to move to Nashville, Tennessee, in February 2021. Personal Nicknames: Wes Which artist has influenced you the most … and how? John Lennon gave me the permission at 13 to create whatever I […]

Wesley Dean Australia For Nashville On Radio & Hook Friendly ‘Unknown’

Few would have the courage to do what Wesley Dean did. Dean (AKA Wes Car) was riding high on the Australian music charts with two hits singles and performing on the country’s biggest stages after winning Australian Idol. Rather bask in that success, Dean instead ratcheted up his confidence level along with huge bursts of faith and courage to abandon his home country to pursue his musical dreams in Music City. Thus, the title Unknown for his blend of roots music, country, and rock n’ roll. 

REVIEW: Wesley Dean “Unknown”

In an impressive gamble with an already successful career in Australia, last year he moved his family to Nashville to start a new chapter, dropping his last name in favor of his middle name. Dean’s latest album, Unknown, is a solid calling card for his new audience offering a great mix of Americana and roots rock.

Interview: Wesley Dean Plunges Into The Unknown

Some of the greatest experiences arise out of uncertainty. For Wesley Dean—known throughout his native Australia as Wes Carr—that meant relocating to Nashville in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. With his wife and kids by his side, the singer-songwriter closed one chapter on his life and opened a new one, which officially kicks off today with his latest full-length album, unknown.

How did I get here: Wesley Dean

Hello friends! Australian musician Wesley Dean is my guest for episode 1160! His new album, unknown drops this Friday, 4/29.


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Those three words Hello, I Love You, Goodbye.. tag someone who makes you think this… 🖤❤️
Loving all your great feedback for ‘Hello, I Love You, Goodbye’ 🙏🖤 So many people have been in touch about how it reminds them of their childhood growing up in the 80’s and 90’s.. that was part of the inspiration, a dream scape of a simpler time ..
‘Hello I Love You Goodbye’ is finally out on YouTube.. we had a lot of fun making this one at @rivergateskatecenter in Nashville..
My official video for ‘Hello, I Love You, Goodbye” is OUT NOW on @youtube Loved making this one. This song went Top 20 in the states!! Hope you enjoy the video 🖤🤘
Times like these… great day in the studio today.. @soultrainsoundstudios
Leaving all your friends behind
Holding my hand, waiting in line
For a 30 hour flight, to a big blank page
You're not the only one afraid
But everything's gonna be alright
All I am, all I can do
Is try to be my best for you
It's not easy to believe in me
After everything I put you through
But better days are coming
And days turn into years
A better life for you - that's why I'm here

Thats Why Im Here. Unknown