Get Your Kicks on Route 66

And across the 66 we rode… Hearts full from a great break in Santa Fe. Everyone’s creative juices were flowing. We captured two music videos and were armed with a bunch of really cool looks, perfect for all the music videos we were about to create on our Crazy Hearted Adventure. On our way to […]

Crazy Hearts in Santa Fe

Sorry it’s been a few weeks Crazy Hearts, thank you for all your kind messages and I’m so glad you’re all enjoying the Crazy Hearts adventures so far…it was one wild ride! This week we travel through Route 66. With a new generator in tow, but still the air conditioning was struggling in the excessive […]

Crazy Hearts in Amarillo

When I first travelled to America in 2006 I was 24 and I had the great honor of working with CJ Vanston. He was Joe Cocker’s producer and musical director for his world tour at the time. CJ introduced me to LA and iconic musicians Jeff “the skunk” Baxter, who played with the Doobie Brothers, […]

I Lubbock A Lot

The trip from Marfa to Lubbock TX… Crazy Heart, In my last post, I forgot to mention that we drove out to Valentine to take a look at the Prada store that randomly sits on the side of the freeway, as if it had just fallen from the sky. Really cool experience, so here are […]

Crazy Hearts In Marfa

Marfa, such a beautiful complex beauty. I’m wrestling with what to say about this unique and quirky town.. without going into too much detail, we left town minus all the merchandise money, a passport, a broken RV door, and a blown tyre. This town stole our crazy hearts and injected a flame of intense anxiety. We arrived […]

Lookin’ Back On Luckenbach

A musical baptism. It was a million degrees when we arrived at Luckenbach Texas to join in on a picker’s circle.  A picker’s circle is a group of musicians that get together to play. Their instruments are varied, and I was interested to see different styles and techniques. I taught myself how to play guitar […]

Crazy Hearts In Austin

Austin is the punk rock sister to Nashville in my opinion.  It’s a playground full of great food, creativity, and artists. I understand why people are leaving the other major cities and moving there.  Once we got to the RV park, we headed straight to Barton Springs for a swim. Barton Springs is a natural […]

Crazy Hearts In Houston

“Curiouser and Curiouser” William Blake said, ‘If the sun and moon should ever doubt they would immediately go out.’ There was so much cause for doubt on our Crazy Hearts adventure. The RV problems were getting worse every day and we were concerned for everyone’s safety. We arrived in Houston at 2am and checked into […]

Crazy Hearts en Route to Houston

“God is real, you know that?” The drive from New Orleans to Houston was one of the most challenging and surreal trips so far. The roads were rickety and broken. There was so much highway confusion and roadway construction. I remember imagining that the trucks were like great white sharks swimming past from the left and pushed […]


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One of the greatest music video experiences of my life…
The official music video for Gunslinger is out EVERYWHERE now!
Channelled the Man in Black for these scenes in the Mercy Music Video. 🙏🏼 What’s your favorite moment from the video?
When the choir beckons at 3am, the call can’t easily be ignored.
So grateful to @_shannonsanders for bringing Crazy Hearts to life alongside an inspiring Gospel choir! Whether you view it as fate or divine intervention, the experience of weaving this magic together will always hold a sacred place in my heart.
Had so much fun filming the Church Choir version of Mercy with this crew! Watch now at the link in bio.
Something exciting coming tomorrow at 4pm CT / 7am AEST. Make sure you’re subscribed to Wesley Dean on YouTube so you don’t miss it. Link in bio.
Filming the Mercy Music Video felt like making a mini movie. 🎬 Have you watched it yet? Check it out now at the link in bio.
When @keithurban books the studio before you…and you end up at RCA instead. 🤘🏼 It all works out in the end. Thanks Keith! 🤣