Standing at the crossroads

10/06/2023 Wesley Dean
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To you, Crazy Heart,

We woke up across the road from Graceland after a night down on Beale street where I got up and jammed with the “Beale Street Allstars” in the home of the blues, and headed for its birth place in Mississippi, where we crash landed on The Euphus Ruth photography exhibition in Greenville.

Euphus’ work is amazing. His style is “the wet collodion process” so refreshing to see another artists process..

I felt a kinship with him, He blends the old with the new to make his own mark.

His son Cody was gracious to let me jam with him in the corner of the room there, and we played a few of my new tunes and Cody improvised parts of my songs he had never heard before, and demonstrated why music is a universal language.

We even met the mayor Errick. He was so kind, and so refreshing, and it gave me hope for governments. He really cares about his community..

It wasn’t a long drive back from Greenville to Clarksdale.. but it felt as if we’re headed to the end of the Earth after a full day of driving. 2 hours seemed like an eternity but the badgers and the deer kept me alert.
I was tired but running on adrenaline and decided to swing by Morgan Freeman’s blues club, “Grown Zero” to play a few of my new tunes and jam with the house band…

It was midnight by the time I finished so we all decided that we needed a rest from the RV and pulled in to a place called the shack up inn.. it was nice to have a shower..and the owner Frank was kind enough to answer his phone at 1am to let us in.


After a full nights sleep, we woke up to smoke on the horizon in Clarksdale and it was time to do some geeking out at the crossroads and as we drove around I thought to myself how blessed I am to be able to see the real America. Down every alleyway here, you see the ghosts and empty shells of places and get a sense of what it was like back when Robert Johnson roamed these streets. In towns like Clarksdale, it’s, as if the walls are still emanating the real raw music that started it all..

Wesley Dean