I Lubbock A Lot

08/11/2023 Wesley Dean
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The trip from Marfa to Lubbock TX…

Crazy Heart,

In my last post, I forgot to mention that we drove out to Valentine to take a look at the Prada store that randomly sits on the side of the freeway, as if it had just fallen from the sky.

Really cool experience, so here are a few photos from that morning…

We left Marfa in a flurry and headed straight to Lubbock. In my last post, I mentioned we had woken to storm warnings from my friend Jimmy in Houston, and he wasn’t lying! Just over an hour or so out of Lubbock we started getting tornado warnings on our phones. The sky on the horizon was black and eerie. The landscape was flat and there wasn’t much out there. As we drove into the black clouds, the RV started swerving all over the road, the winds picked up and the hail started, we pulled over on the side of the road because we couldn’t see anything in front of us. The good thing about Texas storms is that they usually rip through quick, so all we had to do was sit and wait for the storm to pass. The kids were in the truck with the crew at this time and I was anxious that I couldn’t get to them easily. The constant warnings were reminding me they weren’t in arms reach. Reports from crew behind us were that they were ok and loved the excitement of it all! There really is nothing like a Texas storm, it was intense and felt extreme, but left as quick as it came and we were back on the road again, our hazard lights flashing, driving slowly under eerie, black skies praying that we’d get to Lubbock soon. The RV kept swerving all over the road, and sometimes I was run off the road from the 80 mph crosswind blowing in across the plains. Throughout the trip across America, I actually experienced these crosswinds alot, and it was more of a reason that I wanted everyone to travel in the Ford Ranger with the crew, it was starting to become a personal challenge driving that RV, like Lt. Dan in Forrest Gump when he eventually finds his sea legs on that BubbaGump shrimp boat… remember that scene when he’s screaming at God? Well, picture me in that RV in the Texas storms!!!

We had almost made it to Lubbock with yet another alarm warning on our phones that a tornado was headed our way. We immediately pulled off the highway and found shelter under an over pass. There were already a few people there who had the same idea. We all pulled up and prayed that we had enough shelter. Moments later a police car arrived, they knocked on our windows and told us that everythings ok. The storm had passed through just moments ago, it had changed direction, and if we drove the back way to Lubbock that we should be ok. If we hadn’t turned off though we would have driven right into the eye of the storm. We took their word for it and started our journey, through the flooded roadways in to Lubbock. As we drove on, it became clearer, like when Dorothy landed in OZ. The skies became a beautiful shade of blue, and the sun started appearing through the clouds again, and there was a sense of relief and calm after the storm.

We had found an Airbnb in a suburban street. It felt familiar and I was happy to be in a house again. I parked the RV out the front of the house and started loading in everyones suitcases, and we decided that we were going to stay for 3 nights in Lubbock and re-group a little after the intensity that was Marfa and the long drives through the desert.

The kids had been cooped up all day, they had some energy to burn. Jackson (my 5 year old) was still learning to ride a bike, and I made a promise that he’d be riding a bike by the time we made it home to Nashville. Willow has ridden a bike since he was 5, so I wanted the same for Jackson. I had all these visions of him learning how to ride a bike on Route 66, but it was right there on a quiet suburban street that Jackson rode a bike for the first time by himself. The sun started setting and it looked uncannily like the Crazy Hearts logo that was wrapped around the RV! I was so proud of Jackson, and so after the day of leaving Marfa in a hurry, wheel barrows falling off the back of a truck into on coming traffic, the threats of tornados, 80 mph cross winds, hail storms, the anxiety of making sure everyone stayed safe the whole time, and just general RV issues, in the hottest summer ever recorded, all in the same day, the silver lining was arriving safe in Lubbock, watching my two boys ride their bikes out on the street, and Jackson riding his bike for the very first time!