Get Your Kicks on Route 66

15/12/2023 Wesley Dean
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And across the 66 we rode…
Hearts full from a great break in Santa Fe. Everyone’s creative juices were flowing. We captured two music videos and were armed with a bunch of really cool looks, perfect for all the music videos we were about to create on our Crazy Hearted Adventure.

On our way to Sedona via Winslow, we took it easy on Route 66, stopping at El Rancho in Gallup, New Mexico. A majestic hotel that housed the likes of Katherine Hepburn, Errol Flynn, and Spencer Tracy, as well as Hollywood’s biggest and best directors and writers. You could feel the echoes of the 40s through the walls. Closing my eyes I could hear the squeals of laughter around the old piano. You could almost smell the cigarettes and a million stories etched into the ceilings, imagining the wrap parties that would have taken place in this grand hotel.

After a quick feed and a play on the piano we headed down to the corner of Winslow Arizona, it was “such a fine sight to see.”
I stood eye to eye with Glen Fry. Fascinating that one lyric changed the face of a whole town…

We headed back to the RV and on to Sedona…and into the night we rode.

On the way into Sedona, we passed what I saw to be the largest animal I’d ever seen on the side of the road–its eyes level with the roof of our RV. Was it a Moose? Who knows? I was so thankful it was as shocked as I was. More thankful that it stayed put.

After hours on the road, we finally pulled into an RV ranch. There were wagons galore, all lined up like yesteryear. I went to sleep knowing that a bunch of memories were about to be made.