Crazy Hearts in St. Francisville

28/08/2023 Wesley Dean
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Our good friends from Nashville organised a house concert in a beautiful home and location in Saint Francisville, Louisiana. A lot of people came out for the show, it was hot, and I had to set up the PA twice, because there was a thunderstorm threatening. (I lugged all my gear from the truck and set it up myself, and then packed it down for every show.) I used to set up my own gear all the time but hadn’t done it in years so it was nice to reminisce.

Thankfully, the storm never came and the weather cleared up. The audience was very receptive to my music. It was a beautiful night. I met so many amazing people who were familiar with my music and people quoted lyrics and bought merchandise and there was such an excited feeling around the night. Our friends who had organised the show are some of our best friends in Nashville and if it weren’t for them and a few others back in Nashville we may have gone back to Australia at one point..

The kids got a chance to play, (some of them go to school together in Nashville) and everyone was happy.
My oldest boy, Willow set up the merchandise table and started selling vinyl records, hats, and shirts. It amazes me how incredible he is..

Saint Francisville was one of those shows that restores your faith, everyone was so incredibly helpful and supportive. We parked the RV in the driveway, and we ran the generator all night because we noticed that the electricity that was attached to the RV had stopped working. We thought it was the electrical plug that was attached to the house, but later we learnt the problem was the RV (more on that later).

After only travelling for a few days, we felt at home, connecting with familiar faces. As we headed out to New Orleans the next day and onto the wild Texan desert (in record temperature heat), we knew that with every departure came more uncertainties and it was only just beginning..

Wesley Dean